Thursday, July 28, 2016


Sometimes, what you need is the wherewithal to move through a challenging scenario in a way that allows you to close it out as soon as possible. Maybe it's the best option for you right now or one that you're unable to wrap up in your time-frame preference (because, in reality, you don't always have control over when your breakthrough happens; sometimes you just have to stay strong and be diligent until it does) and there are aspects that are difficult to deal with. If you don't deal with them in a healthy way, you'll not only feel worse but also prolong your issue, because your attitude during hard times is what makes or breaks your advancement.

Many times, the key to your victory is changing your attitude. There may be no more outside efforts left for you to make; it may all hinge on that inner shift. Usually, when you're operating from anger or frustration, you can't even see the best effort to make; it's when you adjust your attitude that you finally do. This is where I come in, with Life Challenge Consulting. I can help you make healthy moves and decisions within your scenarios. If there's one thing I know how to do, it's move through hard times with the proper attitude. I check myself regularly in my own situations. Do I always feel like it? Hell no. But I do it because I know how this works. I know that if I allow myself to sink into negative spaces, I'm only embedding myself in the situation that much more, and I'm opening the door for more strife. Let me be clear: negativity is not how you get out of a situation quickly ... or at all. It keeps you there.

If you're struggling to get through something, to just have some peace of mind and to be as comfortable as possible while you pursue your victory, then let me help you through Life Challenge Consulting. Check out the details here:

Wednesday, July 27, 2016


My life-consulting system promotes empowerment, which means I don't play when it comes to setting you up to rely on yourself to get the results you want, and that means you're gonna hafta take action, not sit around and whine, blame, complain, and make excuses. If you're not serious about committing to yourself through TIME, EFFORT, and MONEY to doing what's best for your physical and emotional well-being, then you shouldn't contact me. My guidance positions you to take action now so you can move forward based on your truth, not mine or what I think you should do.

The people I've helped have all gotten the results they want in less than 90 days (one person got hers in four days), because they were tired of being miserable and serious about making the necessary changes to not be anymore. If you're that person, then I invite you to contact me so we can get it crackin'. If you're looking for the type of session where I coddle and cry with you, say some pretty words to make you feel better and send you on your way with "good luck," then I'm not a match for you. I am, however, always loving and compassionate.

Together, we can determine if you're ready for a new, healthier scenario and if I'm the person to help you get there, through a free 20-minute Intention and Energy Assessment. It's important to me that you're clear about my system and whether or not you're up for the commitment before you spend your money with me. I only wanna work with people who wanna help themselves.

If you're interested in learning more about Life Challenge and Life Mission consulting, and if you'd like to set up an Intention and Energy Assessment, then head on over to for all the deets.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016


When I'm engrossed in doing what I love, which is working with words, I change physically and emotionally. I smile at people a lot; any pain I feel is forgotten; if I was tired before, all of a sudden I'm wide awake; I'm filled with this strange surge of energy that makes me feel like I've guzzled 10 Red Bulls; hunger, sleep, the bathroom, errands, and phone calls get back-burnered for as long as possible (and if you know me, then you know I'm very much about my food!!); and I have no desire to stop what I'm doing ... for anyone. This is a regular occurrence when I'm working. It doesn't feel like work, though. It feels like something that's great for my health. Literally. I feel healthiest when I'm doing what I love. My self-esteem soars. When I'm finished, I remain in a relaxed state of mind and feel totally fulfilled for hours afterward. There is no feeling like this.

Are you experiencing this kind of high in the work you do? Because it's definitely a high, and one you can have every day if you're doing work you truly love. If you're not, then I can help you. Let's do a Life Mission consultation and get you aligned with your purpose and passion, so you can start helping people in a way that incorporates your interests, skills, and talents, and completely fulfills your spirit. Click the link below to learn more and sign up.

Monday, July 18, 2016


In relationships, do you think it's mandatory that you be open to changing yourself to suit the other person(s)? I'm not just talking about romantic relationships; I'm talking about all of them: friendships, family, work, etc. Before I get into the meat and potatoes, I have some questions for you:

1. Do you think that if someone is uncomfortable with who you are, what you like, or how you function, you should be ready to immediately alter yourself so their interactions with you can be easier?

2. Do you know the difference between healthy compromise and doing yourself a disservice?

3. Are you accepting of the parts of you that could use a little fine-tuning, especially if it means having smoother encounters with others—changes that will ultimately make you a better person?

4. When you change because of others' disapproval, do you feel good about yourself, or do you feel like you've just agreed to a fraudulent life, where you're functioning in ways that make you unhappy because they go against your true nature?

Let me start my spiel by saying this: You're never really obligated to change your behavior for anyone, regardless of who it is, how much you love them, or how much they don't like it. HOWEVER ........ let me be clear about the fact that if you never adjust your behavior, there will likely be times when you'll cause a lot of problems for yourself and others, based on how ugly or difficult that behavior is. That will be your choice, and you'll have to deal with the consequences when they come around. That being said, you're always responsible for how you choose to act, but where do—or should—you draw the line when deciding what to change about yourself when dealing with people on a daily basis? At what point do you make a conscious decision to change things about yourself that will affect the people you come into contact with?

The answer is simple yet not the easiest to put into action: You change when you want to, for you. Period. So, what does that really mean? It means that you're here to tend to your happiness and "feel-good-ness" first, and that means there will probably be things about you that people don't like but that in reality aren't harming you or them. Many times it's a personality conflict. Sometimes it can be a moral conflict. Maybe you're totally comfortable doing whatever you do, but your sister hates it. Well, so what? Her problem. But let's say your sister hates it and it's wreaking havoc on your relationship. Now you're unhappy because you're not having the kind of harmonious relationship with her that you truly want. The thing you do doesn't make you unhappy, but it's messing things up for you with her. What do you do? Become who your sister wants so she can be happy? Not make an adjustment and risk possibly ruining your bond with her?

Again, the answer is: do what you wanna do for your happiness and comfort. This means you have to be able to distinguish what parts of you are too important to compromise, and how important your relationship with your sister is (and by the way, you can replace sister with friend, other family member, spouse/boyfriend/girlfriend, boss, or anyone else who's asking you to be or do what you may or may not be comfortable with). The biggest question is: if you change, is it a win for both of you or just a win for the other person? And by win for you, I mean is this change gonna not only benefit the relationship but also feel good for you? Will you be happy carrying out this new behavior on a regular basis (because, remember, the change is usually expected to be permanent unless otherwise discussed)? Is the frowned-upon behavior something you'll feel content with letting go of so your relationship or situation can progress the way you want? Will the new behavior really be something you can be open to embracing fully?

These are questions I invite you to ponder when contemplating changing yourself at other people's request or urging (or, goodness forbid—demand!). Remember that if you're constantly changing to suit others and not yourself, you'll never really be the person you want; you'll always be who and what everyone else wants, which makes you nothing more than a puppet. The bottom line is, whatever you decide has to still be for you first, not the other person, because you can't take responsibility for other people's happiness and comfort. This means you and this person may have to part ways. You might have to go ahead and dip on out of a situation that puts you in a position of chipping away at or turning your back on who you wanna be (even if it's a job or some other super-important situation), no matter what your reasoning is for wanting to be that way. On the flip side, it could also mean you grow because of this change and/or it's actually healthy for you, and you get to have better relationships as a result, which will undoubtedly add to your pot of joy. I mean, who doesn't want smooth-sailing relationships and situations as often as possible?

Only you'll know, through your own deep introspection, what's best for you. It's always about what's best for you. No one can decide what that is but you. Whoever else benefits from the changes you make that you're happy with, is just the icing on the cake.

Take care, and always remember to honor the spirit!