Friday, October 21, 2016


A lesson in dealing with someone who has habits that rub you the wrong way, and when you experience them, your blood pressure rises and you snap at them, and then things are tense: The challenging thing about this type of situation is that people do not have to change their behavior if they don't want to; and they really won't do it if they don't think there's anything wrong with it. You're welcome to ask them to change, but don't expect it.
No matter how annoying or foul it is, you really only have two healthy options: discontinue your dealings with them, or find a way to deal with the behavior so that you retain your peace of mind. It doesn't serve either one of you if you always react negatively, especially when you already know how the person is. Since you're the one who's always bothered by the behavior, it's your responsibility to figure out how to handle it, and the person, in a way that allows there to be peace between you two. Figure out why the behavior annoys you, what it means for you if the person doesn't stop doing it (What harm, discomfort, or loss does it cause you? Does it scare you?), how you can accept the person for who they are, and then work around what they do, meaning find a response that's neutral. If you choose to keep them in your life, then you have to work it out on your end. It's your problem, not theirs.
*By the way, I'm not talking about someone doing something to you that is harmful, disrespectful, abusive, etc. I'm only talking about behavior that you find annoying or distasteful.
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Wednesday, October 19, 2016


I was talking to a guy at an open mic on Monday night. He was so moved by my poetry that he said he almost had to "take a moment and step outside to think about it all." I told him I'm also a life consultant, and my poetry is directly connected to that work. We talked about why I'm not a life coach. I explained that the way my system is set up, people get results really fast. His reply was, "Ah, so you're in and out." Yes. Exactly. And the reason is, as I further explained to him, I know from personal experience and from watching others, that when you're truly ready to do the work on yourself and make the changes you need to advance, you take the tools and info you get when you seek help, and you get crackin' ... now, today. Even when doing the work is challenging. All of the people I've helped have been ready to do the work, so when we're done with our consultation, they go and get their results. They don't need me for 3, 6, 12 months, 2 years, etc. I like it that way. I believe it's better that way. You already have what it takes to succeed. The question is, when you get the help you need, ARE. YOU. READY. TO. ROCK?
One of my clients got her results in 4 days; she had been struggling for the better part of a year with her situation. Another got hers in less than 3 months (and that's only because she had no control over the process outside of herself that she had to wait for; but she did her work immediately); she had been struggling with her situation for over a decade. Another client advanced on his path in less than 2 months. These people were ready to rock, even in spite of their fears. One thing about me is I'm not interested in draining your pockets or taking up an unnecessary amount of your and my time. I want you to get in and out and on with your life when you work with me. I want you to not need me when we're done; you are all that you truly need on a daily basis; you just might need help getting tapped in to yourself initially, so you can honor your spirit regularly and therefore advance. Yes, I check in with my clients to make sure they're good. I'm here for them if they need a pick-me-up (this service is called the Refresh Session). I don't just disappear from their lives. But I gotta say, once they get in tune with themselves and start honoring their spirits, they really don't need much else from me, if anything at all.
only wanna work with people who are ready to rock. It's a waste of our time, and your money, if you're not. So, if you're ready, then let's get you those results. I invite you to check out the testimonials while you're there.