Sunday, January 3, 2016


HAPPY NEW YEAR, everyone!! I hope your holiday season was spectacular and you entered 2016 full of gratitude, goals, and guts!

As we kick off this first month of the year, I wanna ask you: What kinds of thoughts do you entertain when you first wake up every day? Are you the ever-positive person who wakes up feeling determined about the day, who makes it a point to only entertain progressive, encouraging thoughts and words, ones that will leave you feeling all warm and fuzzy inside, excited to race out the door to greet the day? Oh. That's not you every day? WHY NOT?! LOL, I'm kidding. Although those types do exist, the real deal is that many of us are challenged to start the day with a life-affirming script playing in our heads. We're bogged down with so many issues, fears, concerns, guilt, resentment, dilemmas, and confusion that it makes it hard to wake up with bells on, sporting enthusiasm and hope.

I enjoy mantras and affirmations. Some of the ones I've come across have been pretty great, others ... not so much. That said, in 2015, one of my lightweight goals was to come up with a daily mantra track that I could offer to the public, through Honor the Spirit, but that I could also use for myself. I wanted to create something that was succinct—got right to the point without a bunch of unnecessary, hypnotizy fluff—packed a punch with its content, but that also had a nice verbal flow and felt good to listen to ... something I could put on repeat if I wanted to, and have it be so soothing that it could play 20 times in a row and I wouldn't mind one bit, because its message and melody were so effective. Hmmm ... that's a tall order. Or so I thought.

I pondered the subject a bit, asking myself what words I wanted to listen to every morning, that would encourage me and allow me to feel even a little bit excited about facing and pushing through the day. Then I looked at a few of my personal prayers and how I had worded them. I write all of my goals, dreams, and general prayers down, and I look at them every day. I take great care to make sure when I do write them down, they're expressed in the clearest way possible, because what I've learned is that when your desires aren't clear, you can't really achieve them. The bulk of my goals center around the basics in life: money, career, health, relationships (all kinds), and a desire to be blanketed by universal protection at every turn. In truth, I think most people's goals have something to do with those elements, simply because they're "basic." Everyone desires money, good health, supportive relationships, and the ability to glide through the day without incident. Having realized that, I answered the question of what kind of script I'd like to plant in my head every morning ... and close out the night with.

I decided to use those basics as my foundation, then work on the exact wording from there. I wanted make sure the script was as universal as possible, so everyone who listened would [hopefully] feel the content resonated with them on a spiritual level. I finally came up with text I really love, spent quite a bit of time recording and re-recording it, to make sure it had the exact tone and flow I wanted; then I found some great music to accompany it, enlisted my wonderful colleague to marry the two (thank you, Nate!), and by mid-December, I had achieved my goal. I should also mention that before I sealed the deal on its "readiness," I sent it to select friends and supporters, to get their opinion on everything: words, music, and suggested price. Everyone loved it! SCORE!
I would like to now take this time to unveil the Operation Superior Life Daily Mantras, available for purchase! I gotta tell you: I've been listening to it pretty much every day, sometimes on repeat, just like I intended, and WOW, it really does everything I envisioned (for me)! I've even noticed that, because I've listened to it so many times, I know the words by heart now, and at random moments in the day, I'll catch the script rolling through my head, which I love, because it not only keeps me focused on the life I wanna have, but it also wards off negative thoughts. I hope you'll all partake. It's a healthy, effective, super-quick way to position yourself for success every day!
Take care, and always remember to honor the spirit!