Wednesday, September 14, 2016


*This is sort of a shorter version of another, longer post in this blog on the same subject. But I promise, I'm saying something a little different here! LOL!*

If you're not able to toot your horn about at least one skill or talent, then you're really not paying close enough attention to yourself. There is something you're a beast at, and whatever it is, you not only should (yep, I just "shoulded" on you) acknowledge it but it's also perfectly okay to actually speak on said beasting every now and then. If you can't openly embrace your greatness, then why should anyone else?

Throwing your flyness in people's faces 24/7 with no evidence to back it up (as in, you're the only one who thinks you're fly; no one else has spoken on this perceived fact) or tooting your own horn while putting others down, is arrogance. Confidence is knowing your strengths and how you excel in your own right, and being comfortable enough to say it out loud. You're not saying you're better than anyone else or that you're the absolute best; your sentiment doesn't demean or exclude anyone. You're simply paying homage to yourself based on the positive results that you and others see and experience when you showcase your skill.

Prospective Olympians had better damn well know they're great at what they do if they plan on making it into and through the Olympics; and when you're at that level, you "should" be comfortable verbalizing said greatness. They can't even get in if they're not [seen as] great.

If someone's confidence irks you, then maybe it's time for you to get some of your own and step into your right to let people know the ways you slay in this world, especially when your gifts can help people do, be, and live better.

How do you slay? What are you a beast at? Stop hiding or ignoring it. Uncover it and speak on it!

Take good care of yourselves, and always remember to HONOR THE SPIRIT.