Tuesday, July 21, 2015


This is kind of a part 2 to a previous post from this year, where I spoke in detail about fear being your prison, and how, if it's not used properly, it can ruin your life. Today, I want to briefly touch on the good side of fear, the one that can put you on the path to victory.

Fear gets a really bad rap, pretty much daily. We're basically taught that it's our enemy, and it causes us a whole lot of pain and suffering. This is only true if you fail to see its benefit and don't learn how to use it to your advantage every chance you get.

Your fears are actually really important—catalytic, even. They're not meant to be ignored or avoided. In order to transform your problems, you need to allow yourself to fully acknowledge, embrace, and clarify your fears about them, because your transformative moves will be contingent on that detailed information. Once you're clear about your deepest fears, you'll be in a perfect position to take courageous actions that directly oppose them, ones that will initiate healthy resolutions, instead of ones that will compound your issues via knee-jerk reactions based on panic and confusion. Clarity is the first step in all transformation and resolution. Without it, you will be constantly fighting an uphill battle in your efforts to bring your challenges to a speedy close.

Whatever you're afraid of in your daily challenges, let that fear (or those multiple fears) be your friend, your guiding light to the other side, as you use them as tools to supply you with the insight on what kind of bravery or proactive moves you need to incorporate into your scenarios that will not only get you the proper solution, but also solidify your self-esteem in the process, as courageous and wise actions always do.

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